Hyundai IT is the market leader in the Digital Signage industry.

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    Energy Management System

    Hyundai IT operates an ISO 50001 system for energy management.
    Energy management policies and operational performance are as follows

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    Energy management policy

    Hyundai IT Co., Ltd. has enacted the following energy policy to do its best to preserve the global environment and conserve energy resources.

    - All employees are actively involved in the development of a sustainable company through sincere energy management activities.

    - Recognize energy saving as a key success factor of the company and create corporate value through active energy management.

    - All employees review and implement appropriate activities at their respective locations in order to improve energy efficiency at the workplace, and the company actively supports them.

    - Raise the value of a trusted company to our stakeholders through sincere compliance with energy-related domestic and international requirements.

    - We will fulfill our social responsibilities as a pro-energy company through preferential purchase and use of energy-saving equipment.